How the Centennial Anniversary Endowment Campaign is securing Zonta’s mission for the future

The Centennial Anniversary Endowment Campaign (CAEC) is one of the most significant steps we may ever take in Zonta. Giving NOW for the future will ensure we can do more to improve the lives of millions of women and girls, their families and their communities for the well-being of future generations.

Our gift is one of empowering humanity – in ways we can only imagine.

The Centennial Anniversary Endowment Campaign is an intensive fundraising effort focusing on Zonta’s 100th birthday. Through this campaign, we want to fulfill the vision of our founders. The campaign is committed to growing Zonta’s endowment fund by US$10 million by 2020. This campaign is totally separate from our biennial funding for the international service projects and educational programs approved at Convention.

More than 78 Zontians and non-Zontians have given and pledged more than US$1.3 million during the early, so-called “quiet phase.” This year, we will announce the CAEC as part of the centennial celebration at every district conference.

For Zonta, creating a healthy endowment fund ensures that, as years pass by, the fund grows with it, a guarantee that we are able to maintain and enhance our level of giving in the future and perhaps even sustain a long-term flagship program.

An endowment fund is a long-term investment, providing a stable financial base of income. Only dividends and interest from the investment can be used. The principal amount remains intact. From museums to universities and hospitals to human service organizations, virtually all major philanthropic institutions have established endowments to stabilize and sustain their ability to meet program goals in all economic climates.

Our gifts to our endowment fund allow us to leave a legacy by continuing Zonta’s work and service to ensure a better world for women and girls in the future. Just as we serve and give to Zonta in our lifetimes, our gifts and legacy carry our work forward.

For Zontians, Zonta’s centennial anniversary provides many opportunities to celebrate Zonta’s achievements. Among them is making a gift to the Endowment Campaign to secure Zonta’s future.

The CAEC Committee and our 23 regional representatives in 12 districts invite you to:

BELIEVE in our cause;

INVEST in the future; and

EMPOWER many more millions of women and girls!

To learn more, please reach out to CAEC Committee Chairman Jacqueline M. Beaudry and read more about the campaign.

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