International president invites Zontians to secure Zonta’s future


In the last month, I have had the pleasure of meeting many new and old friends during my travels to several district conferences around the world. I wish I could have been to even more conferences to speak to you in person about the projects and initiatives that were presented.

For those who could not attend your district conference, I would like to highlight the Centennial Anniversary Endowment Campaign (CAEC). This intensive fundraising campaign was established as a way to mark the centennial anniversary, which we will celebrate in 2019.

Since Zonta’s first service project in 1923, we Zontians have contributed to the promises of Zonta’s founders and invested more than US$32.5 million in programs and projects to improve women’s health, expand economic opportunities, prevent gender-based violence and help women meet their academic and professional goals. Zonta’s service efforts have reached across the globe, but our work is not done.

Giving now for the future ensures that Zonta can do more to improve the lives of millions of women and girls, their families and their communities for generations to come. This campaign may be one of the most significant steps we ever take in Zonta.

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