A donor’s thoughts: Commitment reflects values

Sally S. Bean has been a Zontian for 29 years, serving in several roles including governor, international committee chairman and board director. Sally joined Zonta to be involved in her local community.  She continues her membership, not only to participate locally but to also make an impact globally. Sally feels strongly that Zonta’s work is important and makes a difference. 

As Sally’s participation in Zonta grew, she decided to also make financial commitments to the Foundation. She contributes annually to see the impact of her gifts and joined the Mary E. Jenkins 1919 Society to leave a legacy gift.

Sally also supports the Centennial Anniversary Endowment Campaign. With her gift to the Endowment Fund, Sally is helping to ensure Zonta’s future.

“This was my single largest commitment in my life, and it reflects my values,” she said. “I have invested my time, talent and treasure in Zonta, and I want Zonta to outlive me!”

Though Sally will never meet each woman and girl supported by Zonta’s projects and programs, the project updates, photos and videos remind her of the impact her personal gifts making a difference in their lives.

Sally urges other Zontians to join her in supporting the Endowment Fund: “Each of us has an opportunity to ensure Zonta’s existence into future generations. The work we do to empower women and girls will be needed for many generations to come.”

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