A donor’s thoughts: Investing in the future

Toshie Yamazaki“I am honored to be able to participate in such a rare and special event that is the Centennial Anniversary Endowment Campaign. My goal is to have all of us Japanese Zontians partake in giving, whether it be a small or large amount. I am so thankful that so far, everyone that I have spoken to in person has joined and shared. In order to provide a happy life for women and children around the world, it is important that we ‘plant’ the assets, then invest and manage this money tree now, so that the future Zontians have an ‘asset tree’ to harvest or to fall back on during hard times. My fellow Zontians and future Zontians, may I kindly ask you all to help water and enrich the soil of the tree of legacy!”

—Toshie Yamazaki, Zonta Club of Tokyo II, Japan

Click here to listen to Toshie’s testimonial in her native language.

A CAEC donor’s thoughts: Stretching support out into the far distant future

Catherine McEwan“It has become apparent in the modern world that changing women’s lives cannot be achieved in an insular way by only supporting local club projects. It is 100 years since my countrywomen gained the vote and we are still striving for equality. To be truly effective, we need to spread our efforts internationally which is why I also support the Zonta International Foundation service projects. I’m very excited that by additionally contributing to the Centennial Anniversary Endowment Campaign, I am now stretching my support into the far distant future. It makes me feel empowered that even after I am no longer here I will still be active in working towards women’s empowerment through the donations I made to the Endowment Fund.”

—Catherine McEwan, Zonta Club of London II, United Kingdom

International president invites Zontians to secure Zonta’s future


In the last month, I have had the pleasure of meeting many new and old friends during my travels to several district conferences around the world. I wish I could have been to even more conferences to speak to you in person about the projects and initiatives that were presented.

For those who could not attend your district conference, I would like to highlight the Centennial Anniversary Endowment Campaign (CAEC). This intensive fundraising campaign was established as a way to mark the centennial anniversary, which we will celebrate in 2019. Continue reading

How the Centennial Anniversary Endowment Campaign is securing Zonta’s mission for the future

The Centennial Anniversary Endowment Campaign (CAEC) is one of the most significant steps we may ever take in Zonta. Giving NOW for the future will ensure we can do more to improve the lives of millions of women and girls, their families and their communities for the well-being of future generations.

Our gift is one of empowering humanity – in ways we can only imagine.

The Centennial Anniversary Endowment Campaign is an intensive fundraising effort focusing on Zonta’s 100th birthday. Through this campaign, we want to fulfill the vision of our founders. The campaign is committed to growing Zonta’s endowment fund by US$10 million by 2020. This campaign is totally separate from our biennial funding for the international service projects and educational programs approved at Convention.

More than 78 Zontians and non-Zontians have given and pledged more than US$1.3 million during the early, so-called “quiet phase.” This year, we will announce the CAEC as part of the centennial celebration at every district conference. Continue reading